Young Adult Soccer

Ages: Participants must be ages 19-29 as of May 1 of the current year.

Team Size: Roster size can be up to 15 players.

Structure: Teams will play 8 v 8 on a regulation field

Game Length: 30-minute halves

Game Schedule: Late May-July

Games: 10-12

Game Days: Sundays and Wednesdays

Teams are submitted via roster with all team members listed. Coach is identified on roster. After rosters are submitted, team members then register online at

Registration Period: May 14th

Cost: $30/player


Teams will practice fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for the game of soccer.

Show respect to officials and abide by their decisions

Obscene or abusive language and/or gestures are not permitted

No Alcohol or Tobacco products allowed. This includes e-cigarettes.

Win or lose the game with dignity, thank the officials, congratulate your opponent and do not blame others for the result.

Games will be played under NFHS Rules, unless otherwise noted in the by-laws.

Copies of team rosters will be at the field. Officials have the right to ask for ID for players being questioned about belonging on a roster.

Forfeits, Rainouts and Cancellations

If a team is not able to field eight (8) registered players within 10 minutes of the scheduled match, that team will have forfeited the match.

In the event of a forfeit, the teams may request that the referees remain for a friendly match, they are not required to do so.

Games ended for referee abuse or poor team conduct will not be replayed.

For matches that are rained out prior to half time, every attempt will be made to replay the game in its entirety.

When games are cancelled due to weather or field conditions, the information will be posted at or at 540-483-9293.

Disciplinary Guidelines

This league will follow the Department’s Conduct and Sportsmanship Policy for personal conduct.

How to Get a Team Registered:

Round up your friends and get a team together (up to 15 players)

Download the roster from our website, fill it out and submit it to the Athletics Manager at or drop it off at the Parks and Recreation office at 2150 Sontag Road. Rosters need to be submitted by April 27, 2020.

Once we determine we have enough teams, online registration will open for your team players to register. When they register they will need to select your team. Online registration will take place April 28 through May 18

Want to play but don’t have a team? Once registration opens, choose “single” as your team and we will place you on an existing team or if there are enough singles then we can create an additional team, however, the team will need to have a coach.

Young Adult Soccer Roster (PDF)