Weather Delays

Inclement Weather

To ensure safety, Franklin County Parks and Recreation may cancel or adjust operating schedules for facilities due to inclement weather or in weather related emergencies. 


Inclement weather status can be accessed through the following means:

Website: Visiting the homepage here at  Any inclement weather updates will be posted as a temporary banner at the top of the page.

Phone: Call the Franklin County Parks and Recreation office at 540 483-9293.  Decisions for athletics will be made by 3pm Monday through Friday or by 7am on Saturdays.  For athletic games outside of Franklin County contact:

 Botetourt County: 540-992-0012

 Roanoke City: 540-853-1196

 Roanoke County: 540-387-6455, ext. 6

 Salem:  540-966-6900

General Weather Delay Guidelines

Athletics:  When there is inclement weather, game cancellations will be made by 3pm during the week and by 7am on Saturday.  After those designated times, a decision will be made at the field/facility, if necessary.  School closures or early release for inclement weather will automatically cancel all games/practices for that evening. 

Activities and Classes: Registered activities and classes may be cancelled for the following reasons: 1) If Franklin County Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, activities and classes will be automatically cancelled for that day.  2) if inclement weather creates unsafe conditions on weekends or when school is out of session, the activity or class will be cancelled, delayed or rescheduled.  Persons will be notified as soon as possible about rescheduling or refunding.  Drop in activities at the Essig Center will remain open if the facility is open.

Essig Recreation Center: The Essig Center will only close during the week if County Offices are closed or on the weekends if weather conditions are severe enough that it is deemed unsafe to open.  Drop in activities at the Essig Center will remain open if the facility is open.