Rules & Guidelines

  • No water-based activity is without risk. Consider your own and your child's abilities before entering the river and always supervise children in and around water.
  • A supervising adult is required for all children under the age of 18. A license or ID is required for rentals.
  • Alcohol is prohibited.
  • Life jackets are provided free of charge and are recommended for all tubers.
  • Avoid the river at high water levels. In the event of lightening a mandatory 30 minute river evacuation will take effect. Thunder requires a 15 minute evacuation.
  • No littering - pack out all trash - utilize trash cans.
  • Rocks are extremely slippery. Take caution when entering and exiting the river. Climbing on river banks and jumping from rocks should be avoided. Be responsible and respect other river users (fishermen, kayakers, waders, etc.).
  • Tubes must be returned on time or late fees will apply.
  • Tubes may not leave park property. All tubes must take out at the second bridge.